Michael Bartz

Professor // IMC FH Krems

Michael Bartz has been conducting practice-oriented research on the topic of "Mobile Working & Agile Organisations" at IMC FH Krems for more than 10 years and supports numerous boards of directors, management and politics with his research (e.g. author of the Guide to Game Rule Development for Mobile Working, which is part of the Corona Home Office Package of Measures of the Federal Government). He has already published numerous books on the subject. The new book "Hybrid Working & Digitalisation" has just been published. He is also an active blogger:

The next book "Spielregeln für mobiles Arbeiten" (Rules of the Game for Mobile Working), which will be published in the summer, is already being published there piece by piece. This way, readers can look over the author's shoulder as he writes and help determine the direction of the book's content.

IMC FH Krems is an internationally renowned university with numerous cooperations (over 140 partner universities), such as the University of Heidelberg or the University of Halmstadt. Since 2010, a research field in the area of new, innovative forms of work (mobile working & agile organisations) and digital transformation has emerged at IMC FH Krems. One focus is the long-term measurement of the effects of mobile-flexible forms of work in organisations. In the course of these studies, the quality of company-specific regulations for mobile working has emerged as a critical success factor for productivity and employee satisfaction. For this reason, a second research focus has been established in recent years; its focus is on the topic of "rules for mobile working". This is about the question of which organisational framework conditions are critical for the functioning of mobile-flexible ways of working in companies.



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