Markus Kuntke – Head of Trend and Innovation REWE Group Austria


Markus Kuntke

Head of Trend- and Innovation // REWE Group Austria

Since 2001 working for REWE in Germany, Markus last year changed to the Austrian division; now he is responsible for the innovation agenda for the food and drugstore divisions BIPA, MERKUR and BILLA in Austria. His main goal is finding new ways to inspire the customer. Markus is a trend scout by his DNA.

REWE Group in Austria is part of the German REWE Group – one of the leading retail and tourism groups in Europe. Every day, the retail companies BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG supply 1.9 million customers in more than 2,500 branches with high-quality food and drugstore products. Together with the online shops for BILLA and BIPA, not only does this make REWE International AG the market leader in the domestic food retail and one of the leading drugstore retailers, it is also the leading local provider for all Austrians. Our other business areas in Austria include the tourism sector, wholesale, meat processing, media, and retail cooperatives.


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