Markus Golla

Institute Director & Company Owner // IMC FH Krems

Markus Golla is Head of the Institute of Nursing Science at IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences, Head of the Health and Nursing degree programme, journalist and publisher of one of the most widely read nursing magazines, youtuber and podcaster for the health sector. He toured across Austria in 2019 with his keynote "Pflegechanger - Gamechanger im Gesundheitsbereich". In his spare time, he travels to crisis areas to provide support on the ground. Sustainable, regional and global change.

IMC FH Krems is one of the most innovative universities in Austria, especially in the field of "Health and Nursing". State-of-the-art health labs, VR stations for the nursing sector and joint humanitarian trips to other continents bring students to a new level in the field of "Nursing". Education must follow the pace of the times, promote sustainability and innovation, change regionally and globally. Encourage individuality, challenge visionaries and create a new foundation.



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