Markus Bauer

Co-Founder and CEO // Circulyzer GmbH

Dr. Markus Bauer is 36 years old and a trained process engineer with a focus on industrial environmental technology. After completing his studies and doctorate at the University of Leoben, he founded Circulyzer GmbH in Aug. 2020 together with his colleague Dr Daniel Schwabl after 10 years of research in the field of plastics recycling. As CEO of his own company, he wants to make more plastics from waste available for recycling by building processing plants and thus contribute to a sustainable economy.

Circulyzer GmbH develops, plans and builds plants for the wet-mechanical processing of waste fractions containing used plastics. The customised plant concepts enable an efficient recovery of the valuable material plastic for recycling. Our newly developed technology is characterised by its simplicity and robustness, coupled with efficient separation under high throughput and consequently low processing costs.

"Simple but efficient" - that is our motto.



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