Mario Derntl

Managing Director // zukunft.lehre.österreich

Mario Derntl, BA MBA is a former mechatronics apprentice and subsequently studied business administration in Vienna and California. Professionally, he worked for Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Mercedes-Benz USA in Atlanta, among others. Since November 2019, he has headed the independent initiative zukunft.lehre.österreich and, in addition, since November 2020, the Institute for Labor Research and Labor Policy.

zukunft.lehre.österreich. is an independent, non-profit and cross-sector initiative with the goal of highlighting the advantages and opportunities of an apprenticeship and improving the reputation of dual education in society. The initiative is supported by companies that train apprentices or want to train apprentices Currently, z.l.ö. is the largest apprenticeship initiative in Austria, with 130 member companies that employ over 100,000 people and train thousands of apprentices.



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