Marcus Grausam - CEO A1 Telekom Austria Group


Marcus Grausam

CEO; technology-savvy, focusing on endurance, flexibility and open to the new // A1 Telekom Austria Group

I have been working for almost two decades in one of the most exciting industries. Ever since then, I am fascinated by the possibilities offered by technology. Right now, in the age of massive change through disruptive innovations, I’m more than happy to shape new ideas and opportunities. Digitalization is changing the way we live, work and spend our leisure time. Things, people and places will be wirelessly connected. Products become smart. This is also a challenge, which means finding new and different solutions compared to what generations in the analog world before have already solved. To do this, we must constantly develop, learn and open up to the new. I see digitalization as a great opportunity for Austria’s economy and our future. I would like to take responsibility here and contribute both personally and with our company A1.

A1 is Austria’s leading communications provider, encompassing more than 5.3 million mobile communications customers and over 2 million fixed access lines. The customers benefit from a global package of offers from one source: voice telephony, Internet access, digital cable television, data and IT solutions, wholesale services, and mobile business and payment solutions. The product brands A1, bob, Red Bull MOBILE and Yesss! represent quality and smart services. As a responsible company A1 integrates socially relevant and environmental concerns into its core business.



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