Mahdis Gharaei

Co-Founder & CEO // the female factor

Mahdis is the co-founder & CEO of the female factor, a platform dedicated to empowering & developing a new generation of female leaders by providing knowledge-driven experiences around personal & professional development, a global mentoring program and a strong network.

Before starting the female factor, Mahdis served as one of the youngest and only female general managers of an international airline in Austria and Germany for over 7 years and led cross-border projects and teams in the Middle East, Europe and the US.

Mahdis is a passionate opportunity maker, diversity advocate, entrepreneur, mentor and speaker with a love for business development, sales, negotiations, female leadership and diversity & inclusion.

The female factor is an international career platform with the mission to close the gender leadership gap in business.

The young organization offers a global business mentoring program, career advice, cross-industry networking, leadership training, and supports inclusive companies with the recruitment and retention of female talents in Europe. So far, the female factor has had a positive impact on the professional development of more than 10.000 women in 47 countries in collaboration with over 80 companies.



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