Lisa Ittner

Co-Founder and CEO // vibe

Lisa Ittner is Co-Founder and CEO of vibe, a company that sees itself as a real game changer in the mobility industry. Coming from the start-up and business angel scene, she focused on disruptive business models in the automotive sector early on. An entrepreneur through and through, a change expert with extensive international experience in M&A and a strong focus on sustainability. As a convinced team player, she is developing vibe with proven mobility experts and strategic partners into a homogeneously growing company that communicates and does business with its customers at eye level. Lisa Ittner belongs to the generation of female entrepreneurs who consider the ability to collaborate and empathy to be core economic competencies and act accordingly in a humanistic and goal-oriented manner.

vibe vibe is the Netflix for cars. A subscription model for the most modern and flexible way to live individual mobility in a sustainable and contemporary way. For a fixed monthly price, users can try out electric cars from all manufacturers and classes for 6 months or longer without any risk. The subscription already includes all costs such as insurance, service, winter tyres, motorway toll sticker and registration. vibe accompanies you as an independent and competent partner into the future of driving.



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