Liliane Ableitner

Co-Founder und CEO // Exnaton AG

Dr. Liliane Ableitner investigated the use of digital technologies in the energy transition during her doctorate in business informatics at ETH Zurich. After the success of her research project, she founded the startup Exnaton, which rethinks the energy sector and uses data and apps in a targeted way to achieve the climate goals of our society. The startup has won several awards and Liliane Ableitner was listed on the Forbes Umbrella List 30 UNDER 30 as a successful young entrepreneur.

The goal is clear: renewable energy. To get there, we need the help of the population to install photovoltaic systems. The EU is now introducing energy communities, in which sharing locally generated electricity among neighbours becomes financially attractive. Our software enables energy communities with a simple app that accompanies consumers on their way to the energy transition and motivates them to invest in photovoltaics.



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