Daniel Podmirseg

Enabler // Vertical farm Institut

It is a damn exciting time in which we live. There is so much to do. Any challenge can lead to great opportunities. It needs creative power. Confidence. Energy. To get prepared for action Daniel Podmirseg studied Architecture at the University of Applied arts and the Academy for Fine Arts in Vienna. Food production within metropolitan regions will be the topic of the 21st century. Next to finding contemporary aesthetics for new ways of living together in the resilient city of the future, climate- and energy goals have to be reached. His dissertation, written at Graz University of Technology, answers the question to what extend Vertical Farming can contribute to increase the overall energy efficiency of cities. He founded the vertical farm institute to guarantee continuity in basic research with an international multidisciplinary team. Its dissemination programme now gets international in form of the Skyberries-Conference and Skyberries-Academy. Recently startup moonshot transformed vision, creative drive and scientific evidence into cropify systems, a company ready to transfer knowledge and imperative into a physical built environment with the goal of nothing less than increasing prosperity. Food production will become part of daily urban life again.

In 2030, 8.55 billion people will live on Earth. 5 billion of them in cities. Nutrition of the world population is the globally significant challenge that needs to be tackled. With a sustainable form of agriculture: food production becomes part of urban life. cropify develops scalable solutions for urban food production that also meet 9 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were adopted by the United Nations (UN) in January 2016.


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