Daniel Hold & Jörg Neuhauser

Founders // WÜDIAN GMBH

Daniel Hold is an independent tool and steel trader from Weitersfelden and Jörg Neuhauser is an advertising industry specialist from Linz. In addition to their friendship, the two are united by their deep passion for hunting and the high quality exploitation of the venison they shoot. The hunter and Feinspitz Daniel Hold began to refine his hunted wild boar in his home town of Weitersfelden into bacon and salami of the highest quality and taste. When he brought the hunter and advertising professional Jörg Neuhauser on board with the same passion for hunting and for high-quality food, the Wüdian was born. True to the motto: "Game and all nature", the two of them prefer to use natural meat from the local forests rather than products from abroad with dubious origins.

The Wüdian is real and wild. He combines the passion for nature, honest hunting and the desire for natural food. But first and foremost, Wüdian is an unmistakable taste experience. A bacon of superlatives. Tender and spicy. From nature, from the forest. Honest, earthy, with rough edges. Just like life itself


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