Christiane Holzinger

Federal Chairperson // Junge Wirtschaft Österreich

Mag. Christiane Holzinger, the certified tax consultant has been managing director of the Klagenfurt and Vienna tax consulting firm 360 ° Business Planner GmbH since 2011. She is also the co-founder and managing director of the startup company Start-up Stars GmbH, which was launched in 2015. StartUpStars supports visionaries, founders and game changers in the positioning and the market entry of their ideas. International business angels, venture capitalists, investors, innovators, founders in Austria and the USA, journalists and media professionals are in her Network.

Christiane is since 2015 Deputy State Chairwoman of the Young Economy Carinthia. Since January 2017, she is part of the Junge Wirtschaft Board-Team and since January 2019, Federal Chairperson of the Junge Wirtschaft Austria. She brings her many years of experience and expertise in the field of corporate finance and start-up topics, thereby representing the concerns of young entrepreneurs throughout Austria.

The certified tax consultant and author of specialist books is an expert in contemporary corporate finance from classic to crowdfunding.



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