Christian Scholz (†) – Enthusiastic futurist, dedicated professor, successful pattern recognize


Christian Scholz (†)

Enthusiastic futurist, dedicated professor, successful pattern recognize

After working at the University of Regensburg and doing research, between others, at the Harvard Business School, Christian Scholz ( became 1986 Full Professor for Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Information Management at the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken (Germany). The underlying logic of all his work is pattern recognition: starting with his first articles on industry analysis (1984) and virtual organizations (1994) all the way up to Generation Y (2003) and Generation Z (2014). Interesting is not just the pattern itself, but the change of patterns, such as from Generation Y to Generation Z. He was the founding director of the European Institute of Advanced Behavioural Management (EIABM) and later became Dean of the Faculty for Law and Management. Since 2018 he was Professor Emeritus at the University of Saarland. He was member of several academic organizations, such as the Academy of Management, and the Co-Founder of the International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA). He has written more than 600 articles, between others, in academic journals such as Long Range Planning, Omega, Kybernetes, Harvard Manager, European Journal of Operational Research and Hallinnon Tutkimus. He wrote several textbooks, including one book on Generation Y (2003, Wiley) and several ones on Generation Z (e.g., 2014, Wiley). He was co-editing a book on Generations Z in Europe (2019, Emerald) and on New Media Business Models (2019,Media XXI). The focus of his work was the clash of the norms and values of Generation Z as the future workforce (born beginning with 1995) with the dominant interpretation of “New Work”. In his opinion, Generation Z will win and create a new Zeitgeist.


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