Arkadi Jeghiazaryan

Founder & CEO // Amlogy GmbH

Arkadi Jeghiazaryan is the founder and CEO of Amlogy GmbH. A company that deals with augmented reality. The 25-year-old Armenian has been in Austria since 2007 and founded his company in 2016 to make Make education tangible. Meanwhile, his team consists of people.

Amlogy GmbH is an augmented reality company. At its core is the education brand Areeka. The app brings educational content to life through interactive 3D models. Cooperations have already taken place with Facultas, EVN, Wien Energie and various textbook publishers. The latest development is Areeka Studio, a platform that provides web AR content. For this, you no longer have to use an app, but can use AR via your internet browser and also create it yourself.



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