17.May - 16:50



Human Rights Movements - the Citizens Fight for Democracy and Freedom Far Beyond the Borders

Security, freedom, life - three essential buzzwords that certainly come immediately to mind when one hears the word "human right". The desire and aspiration for the fundamental rights that every human being should hold simply by virtue of their existence and dignity is deeply rooted in all of us. Human rights, such as the right to life, liberty, security, education, freedom of expression, equality, and fair treatment in court, are universal and should therefore apply to all people regardless of their origin, color, gender, religion, or language. Yet the list of human rights violations worldwide is long. In states such as Iran, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and many others, a system of violence and oppression is nurtured. Violent repression by security forces to strengthen those in power, is the order of the day. The chance for an open, just and democratic society is losing more and more in those countries and basic pillars of our society are threatened every day. How can a right that we take for granted be granted to all without endangering the security and livelihood of people in those countries?