28. JUN




Digital Humanism - Staying Human in Times of Technological Progress

As a fundamental process of change, digitization opens up many new opportunities and possibilities and has brought considerable benefits in many aspects and also promoted individual freedoms. simultaneously, our society is thereby increasingly confronted with problematic developments, many of which are accelerating and developing a negative pull (e.g. monopolization of services and data, transparency of people, social polarization through fake news & filter bubbles, discrimination through bias in AI, lack of human control, etc.) These negative aspects and developments should not, however, prevent us from using digital technologies in a positive way. The goal should be to find answers and alternative solutions. The motto for this is digital humanism. It means putting people back at the center of technological developments and making them the benchmark in the digital age. Digital humanism is about a shift away from computer-literate people to people-literate technology. In doing so, we also want to answer the question of how the great digital transformation will expand, rather than hollow out, achievements such as the rule of law, the social market economy, free discourse, and human rights in the future.