17.May - 14:25



Gender Equality in leading positions: Is the end of Inequality in sight? - Part 2

The enshrinement of gender equality in Article 7 of the Austrian Federal Constitution was already 103 years old in 2023. Gender equality should therefore be neither a new topic nor a trend in Austria. Nevertheless, this year's Equal Pay Day - the day on which men working full-time have already reached the annual income of women working full-time - already took place in Austria on February 16, 2023. You could also say that women have worked for free until that day, which is 47 days. One day more than in 2022. Furthermore, two out of three management positions are currently still held by men. A fact that demands action from everyone. "Equality moves us all forward, not just women. And it needs all of us to be advanced. A lot has been achieved, but mission accomplished? Unfortunately, no." - a quote from Ursula von der Leyen. Let's finally move from talk to action, so what needs to happen?