15.May - 17:50



From Vision to Reality: Tech-Solutions that will shape our society

Innovation has always been considered a driver of human development. According to the innovation researcher Bill Burnett, we can speak here of three stages in the consideration of human history. From the principle of discovery - techniques, methods, geography, to the development and use of experiments to generate knowledge, finally to a new age of synthesis. In this synthesis - oriented innovation methods are increasingly used. Processes such as "Cross Innovation", the linking of known but previously separate knowledge elements across industries - and disciplines, "Open Innovation", the opening of previously closed systems to the outside world as a multiplier for idea development or "Design Thinking", as a customer-centric approach are only part of it. Progressive digitization and an increasingly grassroots-oriented opening up of knowledge can also be understood as drivers. But what do future innovations look like? What societal challenges need to be addressed now? And how can we achieve the next steps for all of us by linking these elements?