30. JUN


#4GAMECHANGERS DAY - Marx Hall Vienna


Fit for future - about the transformation of every media

In highly dynamic, digital times like our present, in which new market offerings, disruptive providers, and one's own behavior are constantly driving a change in habits, traditional media companies in particular are required to keep up with their users and their changing needs in the digital context as well. For example, TV providers are increasingly shifting their extensive range of content to the Internet and often expanding their offerings to include additional content as a result. This is because the expectations of users are changing along with their mobile consumption habits. Based on already implemented and future examples, we would like to discuss with international players and find out what market participants will have to adapt to in the future in order to help shape the digital transformation instead of getting lost? How will people consume media in the future and why will classic media systems lose relevance if rethinking is prevented? What new types of consumption will there be in the future?