30. JUN


#4GAMECHANGERS DAY - Marx Hall Vienna


Last Exit Sustainability - about the Future of Energy

Nothing seems to be more self-evident in general understanding than energy. At the same time, facts such as the worldwide increase in energy demand, the noticeable climate problem and the fear of whether a risk-free energy supply can even be guaranteed in the future, shape the thoughts of the present. The questions arise as to how and from where we will obtain energy in the future, how we will live, how we will get around, how self-evident will energy be in our lives in the future and can it happen that one day we will literally run out of light? What effect will the changing mobility and the changeover to electric mobility, among other things, have on the energy supply? At the latest now one thing is clear, mankind must swing from considerations and concepts to common action, because on the correct choice and conversion of renewable energy sources it will depend in the future. And pulling together will be the motto.