30. JUN


#4GAMECHANGERS DAY - Marx Hall Vienna


Consumer decision - about the change of commerce

Hassle-free, flexible, practical and often best of all as fast as possible - this seems to be the way people prefer to obtain the desired service and product for themselves these days. Retailers are responding extremely quickly to consumers' wishes and are constantly offering new options. In online commerce, for example, Q-commerce - also known as quick commerce - is now following the lead of e-commerce and giving retailers an extra dose of speed and efficiency in delivery. The desired product is supposed to be at the doorstep within an hour. However, in order for each company to recognize and implement the optimal type of commerce for itself, clear strategies are needed and new challenges, such as digital challenges, must be mastered. Where and how can companies find out about this? At the same time, the question arises as to whether brick-and-mortar retail can still survive or keep up without acting digitally? What significance does digitization also have in the context of stationary retail and what solutions and ideas could be considered and implemented in this area in the future?