29. JUN


#4FUTURE DAY - Studio


New ways of working - about the visions of future professional life

The world of work seems more multifaceted and full of opportunities than ever before, and the times when the choice of profession had to fall on the one hand on the honorable professions of the parents or the "typical two to three" seem to be over. These are wonderful conditions and opportunities for the next generation of professionals. It is therefore all the more important to prepare future employees, especially young people, for the world of work at an early stage and to give them an understanding of what they can actually expect. Here, many factors are crucial and must be examined from several perspectives. On the one hand, parents and school authorities have a certain responsibility to recognize and promote skills at an early stage, but companies also seem to have to put out their acquisition feelers in good time. On the other hand, companies also seem to have to put out their feelers in good time in order to make working life in the respective company palatable and familiar to the next generation of skilled workers at an early stage, as well as to possibly - proverbially - separate the wheat from the chaff that is optimally suited to the company at an early stage.