29. JUN


#4FUTURE DAY - Studio


Comeback of hearing - about the rediscovery of a beautiful sense

Audio undoubtedly has the power to transport people into another world. A few words are all it takes to find yourself in ancient Rome, for example, or to be informed auditorily about world political events, or to find yourself in the middle of a crime scene. In addition to a multitude of auditory offerings, the fact that content can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and in almost any situation plays an essential role. Audio streaming formats of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular and gaining reach in terms of how society perceives them. Getting ideas, information and stories delivered easily and experiencing associations, feelings and thought-provoking impulses - all this is becoming more and more relevant. One can confidently say audio has advanced to the most beautiful sideline medium in the world. We ask ourselves, are podcasts a passing hype, or a sustainable, promising success product? How will we listen to music, podcasts and audio books in the future? Will books be displaced by the market at some point, because the younger generation prefers to listen instead of read? And what trends await us?