State Prize Public Relations

Award Show on December 1


The aim of the State Prize for Public Relations is to honour special achievements in the field of public relations and institutional communication. Public relations is understood to mean all conscious, planned and long-term measures as well as the underlying attitude of a PR carrier to assume obligations and rights towards society and the public in order to build and promote mutual trust.

Public relations are therefore crucial to competition as a hub in supplier-consumer communication. Therefore, awards are given for the continuous implementation of an overall PR program and for completed activities of a PR agency that have been realized within the framework of a PR concept and whose completion falls within the period defined in the respective call for proposals.

Award Show on December 1

Tue 1.12. 18:20 (Puls 24)
Fri 4.12. 10:30 (PULS 4)
Sun 6.12. 09:20 (Puls 24)