Program 4PIONEERS DAY - April, 27th

Verena Schneider (PULS 4) will lead the programme.

Opening Speech

approx. 2:00 pm

Peter Hanke
Wiener Stadtrat

Host: Verena Schneider

Fireside Chat

Alexander Brix
Co-Founder Kaleido

Host: Dejan Jovicevic - Der Brutkasten


Inventive spirit knows no crisis - investments are always made in future topics

Sophie Chung - Founderin & CEO Qunomedical
Liliane Ableitner - Co-Founderin & CEO Exnaton
Hanno Lippitsch - Founder Eversports
Arkadi Jeghiazaryan - Founder & CEO Amlogy
Hannah Lux - Co-Founderin Vollpension
Kambis Kohansal - Head of Startup-Services, WKÖ

Host: Werner Sejka - PULS 4

Music - LOST feat. Flo feat. Onk Lou


approx. 3:15 pm

Stand up for sustainable development - purpose driven startups in addition for profit

Theresa Imre - Founderin Markta
Iris Braun - Co-Founderin & Leitung International Share
Thomas Gabriel - Partner Ernst & Young
Bernhard Kowatsch - Head of World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator

Host: Manuela Raidl - PULS 4

5 Minutes of Innovation

Christiane Holzinger
CEO WKO Junge Wirtschaft

Comedy - Alex Kristan


approx. 4:15 pm

Edith Yeung
Founder Race Capital & 500 Startups


Uli Grabenwarter
Head Equity Fund Investment, European Investment Fund


Goal: competitiveness - from cooperation and networking in Europe

Markus Wanko - Managing Partner IST cube
Uli Grabenwarter - Head Equity Fund Investment, European Investment Fund
Markus Bauer - Co-Founder & CEO Circulyzer
Lisa Ittner - CEO vibe moves you
Andreas Nemeth - UNIQA Ventures
David Katz - Founder & CEO Plastic Bank

Host: Dejan Jovicevic - Der Brutkasten

Music - Onk Lou

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