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Trending Topics and Panel Overview - 4PIONEERS DAY

The 4PIONEERS Day offers a varied and rich program on two stages for and with students, entrepreneurs, business angels, investors, comapanies and pioneering personalities.


PART I - Jack and Giants:
It can seem like startups and major corporations would naturally fear and fight each other -- but there are plenty of examples show there is power in cooperation. How can cooperation multiply innovation, agility, profit and impact? How are big companies and rising entrepreneurs creating new ways and forms to merge, collaborate and cooperate -- and what are the risks and opportunities for both the Jacks and the Giants?

PART II - Are Unicorns Still Real?
The death of unicorns may have been grossly exaggerated, despite recent IPO misfires. What lessons have VCs and startup CEOs learned? How are companies valuated in Europe vs. in the United States, and how should they be in order to increase fairness and trust in systems? What effect will market realities have on tech investment strategies? What does responsible leadership look like?

Killing Cash, Saving Money:
Fintech for everybody. How are digital wallets, mobile banking and investment services changing the way we move money, save, spend and invest? What are the positive and negative effects, and what do we not yet know? How will consumer behavior change? How do these solutions affect people who have less money? Does financial education for the masses need to change? Which situations (still) require actual human consultation and interaction?

Purpose-Driven Tech: Scaling Sustainability.
New innovations keep emerging to help us protect the planet. What needs to happen so that these startups can scale to where their products are having a global impact?

Blockchain for Humanitarian and Development Aid.
Representatives from international organizations, tech developers, others discuss ways blockchain technology is revolutionizing aid delivery, increasing efficiency, accountability, transparency – and what the risks are.

Women Who Wow!
Women who found, women who fund. Women-led businesses vastly outperform others in many VC portfolios, yet women-led startups still struggle to find financing. Can people not do math, or is something else going on? How do we fix it?

People, planet, profit Open Mic pitching Session.
Learn about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and meet the startups helping the world fulfill these over three half-hour sessions. Ten founders looking for public feedback on their proposals each spend 3 minutes pitching their ideas and solutions, and 5 minutes taking questions from the audience and moderator.

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