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Topics on 4FUTURE DAY

The 4FUTURE Day is all about the next generation. Thrilling topics like Education 4.0, Gender Equality, Climate Change and Generation Z will be discussed on stage through talks, interviews and panel discussions.

• Digital Patients, Future Health:
Which new digital health projects and products and technologies are most promising in the areas of diagnosis and care? What are the consequences and lessons learned for the human relationship between doctor and patient? What does the future look like?

Health as Social Responsibility:
From Prevention through Geriatric Care: What promising practices are there, and how can we support future health care processes and outcomes?

Wirtschaftsagentur: Digital Humanism
We are experiencing the co-evolution of technology and humanity. The Vienna Business Agency led the drive to formulate a Manifesto for Digital Humanism in May 2019 that calls on actors to ensure that digital technologies are created in a way that promotes democracy and inclusion, and that protects privacy and free expression. The VBA presents their manifesto and discuss with key actors from different sectors what needs to happen for these manifesto's demands to be brought to life.

Education 2020: How To Do Even Better.
Austrian public education remains excellent, but PISA studies have shown that Austrian students are falling in global rankings. Education reform has been a hot topic for decades. What is the actual problem? Is our political system holding our children back?

Young Lives on Fast Forward: New technologies and global competition have created a perfect storm for young people, who must perform academically, develop serious hobbies and present themselves perfectly around the clock on social media and in real life. Their achievements can be amazing, but the consequences are also sobering. We know more than ever before about how the minds of young people develop, and the impacts that technology can have. What are researchers discovering, and what roles do families and schools play in creating and addressing this challenge?

Fast fashion, fair fashion:
We know fast fashion is an environmental killer. To prevent major market disruptions – which would most affect those at the very top and the very bottom – how do we ensure that fashion supply and consumer demand are both shifted in a green direction at the same time? What are the roles of tastemakers, fashion houses, clothing manufacturers, the media and others? Is external regulation necessary, or can the market regulate itself?

Classic Austrian Tourist Regions Pave the Way for Reinvention

Tourism of the Future:
More people than ever can afford to travel, which has consequences -- and presents opportunities -- for the world's most visited sites. How are tourists' needs and desires changing, and how are travel operators and local managers of highly-frequented spots adapting to ensure sustainable practices that respect the needs of residents -- or even make life better?

The Future of Entertainment - The return of audio, etc.

The Future of Meat, the Planet, Our Bodies, Our Souls. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN says 14.5% of annual greenhouse gas emissions created by humanity come from livestock, of which 65% come from cattle raised for milk and meat. That means everyone needs to start eating much less meat - immediately. Major players are offering lab-grown and plant-based alternatives. Are these better for the planet, and how are consumers responding? Can the supply of alternatives meet demand? An exploration of ethical and sustainability questions.

Youth Hackathon – powered by Davinci Lab

Workshop with Henry Dobson: What does it mean to put humanity at the heart of the digital revolution? Henry stresses that 4GAMECHANGERS belongs to all participants and explores the ideas/words BEHIND the theme “the power of cooperation” and the vision that “Even in these fast-paced times, humanity must remain at the heart of the digital transformation”. OUTPUT: “A digital transformation with humanity at the heart looks like XYZ.”

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