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Rene Rodrigezz

DJ, nerd and producer. Rene Rodrigezz, alias Rene Seidl, was born in Linz, Austria, in 1986. He began his music career at the tender age of 8 as a member of the St. Florian Boys‘ choir. It was just the start of one of the most incredible success stories in music. His unique shows were always a hit and his energy would captivate the crowds from the very first second. Rene Rodrigezz is a one-man-show, a freak and an artist. His music is 100% his own.

„Shake 3x“ is Rene Rodrigezz‘s most successful collaboration with DJ Antoine & MC Yankoo. It became an international club hit and achieved gold status on DJ Antoine‘s album, also making #1 in Korea. Rene Rodrigezz was signed to Kontor Records, where the third album „We Are“ was released in December 2015, reached top 10 in the Austrian sales charts and was licensed to several countries like South Korea, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Israel, Portugal, Australia and much more. In 2017 he released “Light Up The Dark” together with superstar Pitbull on Sony Music. “Rude”, released in summer 2018 again on Sony Music, and reached 1MIO views on Youtube and over 900K on Spotify.