Onk Lou / photo © CarinaAntl

© Photo by CarinaAntl


Onk Lou

He has played songwriter festivals in Denmark, discos in Moscow and private parties in Berlin and on Italian streets. Soon Onk Lou will be playing at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2021. Onk Lou, an artist from Lower Austria, has been touring Europe as a street musician for the past few years. He has unique songwriting that is varied, exciting and of high quality, and his past makes him extremely likeable. With "Quarterlife" Onk Lou presents his second album and from the first note it is clear - the man is an incredible talent. He sounds as if Casper had been given a vocal range by Justin Timberlake and equipped with the guitar skills of Andy McKee. It's hard to believe how effortlessly he works his way through a pop album on the pulse of time. You listen spellbound, immersed in a world of beats and guitars, carried by the unique, scratchy and at the same time soulful voice of an exceptional artist.

© Image: Carina Antl



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