© Photo by Pheline Hoffmann


LOST feat. Flo feat. Onk Lou

For about two years now, the Austrian musician Kevin Lehr has been on the road under the artist/producer name LOST and has very successfully released several singles. Previously, Kevin was a member of the gold award-winning band "Tagträumer", which decided to take a longer break 3 years ago. However, since Kevin has an immense creative drive, he threw himself into his new, English-language project and has been producing his very own version of danceable pop music ever since. The main single of the album "Beast Inside" is dedicated to LOST's best friend and at the same time to people who permanently underestimate themselves and far too rarely show what they are made of. The song Beast Inside is an acoustic kick in the ass for all those who need it. There is more to all of us than we first suspect. We are all talented, loving and smart, and the world could use a lot more of all that. The song features two of the country's greatest voices: Florian Ragendorfer (Flowrag, Einfach Flo) and Onk Lou. So to speak, a super boy group of a different kind has been found here, the likes of which have never been heard before!



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