4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 16.11.2022

The XXL problem! Too much fat makes you sick!

A topic that affects 50-70% of all Austrians. In this 4GAMECHANERS Studio Talk, we cover a wide range of topics, from lifestyle interventions and drug therapy options to bariatric surgery. Above all, obesity among children and adolescents, some of whom are already no longer fit for education and subsequently unable to work, is a huge problem. Discussion by


  • Werner Gruber, Physiker, Science-Buster
  • Dr. Andreas Krauter, ärztlicher Leiter der ÖGK
  • Prof. Gerhard Prager, Leiter der Adipositasambulanz am AKH Wien
  • Dr. Christian Tatschl, Arzt und Psychotherapeut in Ausbildung unter Supervision
  • Prof. Thomas Wascher, Leiter der Diabetesambulanz im Hanuschkrankenhaus und Präsident der DIÖ
  • Host: Wolfgang Schiefer - ATV