on the importance of jobs relevant for socitey

The return out of the crisis

The pandemic hit many industries hard. The art & culture industry as well as gastronomy and tourism were "banned" from working during the crisis. However, it is precisely these industries that make up a large and important economic factor. They are not among the system-critical areas of a state, but are more than relevant for society and its well-being. Many employees are undergoing further training or complete retraining. Will they return to these industries after the crisis or will there be a shortage of waiters, cooks and. Co. What can we do to ensure that these industries do not suffer a loss of quality, making it even more difficult to return from the crisis?


Matthias Winkler - CEO Sacher
Ewald Tatar - CEO Nova Rock
Alex Kristan - Kabarettist

Host: Verena Schneider - PULS 4