the global limitless conference

the female factor


Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, IT pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley, CH and other thought leaders were guests at the Global Limitless Conference hosted by the female factor in early May.
The programme was aimed at aspiring female leaders and founders and covered everything from career planning to startup investing to power skills for success.
We have summarised the highlights of the hybrid conference which reached over 80 countries with 5 stages from New York City, Singapore, Dubai, Bermuda and Vienna.

Global Limitless Conference

At the Global Limitless Conference, participants can expect a day of insight and inspiration. It's all about equipping the next generation of women leaders with the confidence, skills and connections they need to get a "seat at the table".

What does it take for a woman to get a "seat at the table"?

Research shows it comes down to three factors:


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