State Prize for Digitalization

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State Prize for Digitalization

The State Prize for Digitalization honors innovative digital productions from individual producers and companies, boosting their visibility. The Prize demonstrates the innovation potential of the digital sector and presents Austria as a home base for digitalization, innovation and technology.

An independent jury of experts will award outstanding innovation projects with the state prize, in three categories:

1. State prize for digitalization in the category “Digital products and solutions”
2. State prize for digitalization in the category “Digital transformation”
3. State prize for digitalization in the category “Social responsibility projects”

Submitted projects will be judged in their entirety, according to the following assessment criteria:

• Originality and degree of innovation
• Quality of execution and usability
• Applicability for users, especially employees
• Market potential

Developers of all nominated and awarded projects will have the unique opportunity to present their work at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2020.

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