State Prize Consulting

Award show from Jan 11


The State Prize for Consulting Engineering Consulting and the State Prize for Business Consulting and Information Technology aim to award outstanding exportable consulting services in these fields. This is intended to emphasize the economic importance of engineering consulting, management consulting, knowledge-based consulting services and the application of information technology and to emphasize their central role in opening up new markets in all economic sectors.

Eligible for the Staatspreis Consulting-Ingenieurconsulting are engineering offices with a valid trade licence and civil engineers with a valid licence and registered office in Germany. Participation is also open to groups and networks.

Eligible for the Austrian National Award for Business Consulting and Information Technology are member companies of the professional association UBIT with valid trade licence. The three best placed companies in each category and the winners from each federal state are invited to participate in the Constantinus Award, which is awarded in the same year and the previous year.

The awards are presented annually, alternating between the two categories. In 2019, the State Prize Consulting - Ingenieurconsulting was awarded.