Your Pitch, your idea - Pitch Sessions 2022 - Episode 4

Pitch Sessions 2022 | 25.05.2022

4GAMECHANGERS Pitch Session 2022

<divThe fourth episode of the Pitch Sessions in 2022 starts with an interesting lineup of startups. Who will make it to the throne with special ideas and convince our tough 4GAMECHANGERS jury? Is it the startup Sparcs, Ondewo, Factinsect, motobit, Circly or Smart Inspection?>

The startups in this episode
Manuel Gahn - Startup (Sparcs)
Andreas Rath – Startup (Ondewo)
Romana Dorfer & Silja Kempinger - Startup (Factinsect)
Eric Ryan Weisz - Startup (circly)
Alessio Sevarin - Startup (motobit)
Patrick Enzinger & Michael Elias - Startup (smart inspection)

Hannah Wundsam - CEO Austrian StartUps
Georg Kuttner - Entrepreneuer & Pitch Trainer
Hannes Summerer - accent Inkubator
Kambis Kohansal Vajargah - Head of Startup-Services

Chris Stephan