The 4GAMECHANGERS Festival is extended for a fourth day


The 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2020 announces, in cooperation with DER STANDARD, the first-ever 4JOBS DAY!

4JOBS DAY is launching in 2020 to address profound changes to the labor market. Never has the gap between wider between the demands of the labor market and the skills of job seekers: Countless companies are on the hunt for workers that the current market cannot deliver. How can we adapt our education system to better prepare our children for the jobs of the future? Why are ever more people afflicted by burnout – and “bore out” – and what can we do to prevent it? To what extent is our society prepared for the challenges of diversity in the broad sense, and how to we increase diversity in our everyday lives?

These are the burning questions of the day, which the organizers cannot hope to answer in full – rather, the goal is to provide visitors an opportunity to dive into these issues. Confronting these questions is the only chance for our society to make positive changes.

The ideas and needs behind this 4th day – 4JOBS DAY – were developed in cooperation with DER STANDARD, an innovative and expert partner for the international digital 4GAMECHANGERS Festival. Two powerful media companies have joined forces to focus on one of the most essential aspects of the contemporary and future era.

Exciting discussions and panels as well as keynote speeches by renowned national and international speakers bring variety and life to every day of the festival. Visitors will be treated to manifold opportunities to meet and interact with exciting companies and individuals who are changing the world for the better, and who are testing out their innovations on location. derStandard

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