MIT MiniBootcamp

@ 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2020


MIT MiniBootcamp

Understanding the problem is more than half the solution when building a successful venture Finding the right problem and opportunity is the most important and crucial first step towards sustainability and long-term impact as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or social innovator.

At this one-day MiniBootcamp, learn different techniques for identifying problems and validating whether they are opportunities for innovation. Then take the first steps to develop a solution.

This dynamic program, led by MIT Bootcamps instructors and coaches, is a unique opportunity to learn and develop problem-solving skills and personal leadership with other like-minded innovators from a range of disciplines and industries.

Attendees of this one-day MIT MiniBootcamp will receive a certificate of completion from the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival, stating your participation in the MIT MiniBootcamp.

MIT MiniBootcamp @4GAMECHANGERS Festival attendees, who are admitted to a full-length open admissions MIT Bootcamp in 2020, will receive a discount on tuition to that Bootcamp. Visit to learn more about MIT Bootcamps and our other programs for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Information on registration to follow.

MIT Minibootcamp

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