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With HeroBox you can finally enjoy your take-away meal without annoying and environmentally harmful disposable packaging! Simply download the HeroBox app, enjoy your take-away in the HeroBox and then return the HeroBox to any partner restaurant. HeroBox is now available at over 20 restaurants in Vienna with a wide variety of dishes - and new ones are added almost daily. For you as a take-away customer, HeroBox is of course absolutely free.

Get the HeroBox app now and enjoy take-away - conveniently and without a guilty conscience! 🌱

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Alexandra Brandl (Co-Founder) and Jakob Buchmayer (Co-Founder).
Alex and Jakob are burning for the implementation of solutions that make it especially easy for us to live environmentally friendly and sustainable. It was clear to both of them that, especially during the pandemic, there needs to be a focus on avoiding harmful single-use packaging.
While Alex had to see the effects of single-use plastic pollution with his own eyes during a research project in Sierra Leone, Jakob realized during the daily take-away in a previous job that a solution to this problem must start directly with avoiding the use of single-use packaging.