4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 09.11.2022

Free Journalism - vom Schutz der ideologiebefreiten Information

The scope of freedom of expression and objective, fact-based journalism has again been involuntarily brought home to us during the last few months. The months of the current war between Russia and Ukraine have taught us that access to objective and reliable journalism, which is often taken for granted in our country and which should be free of political and commercial influence, is absolutely not a given. There are still countries and systems that undercut free expression, hide information and censor essential content. But who is still paying for quality when consumers are getting free (largely unverified) content? Social media figure prominently in this discourse, and it's important to take a critical look at it. The sequel to the non-fiction bestseller "Change the Game" by Corinna Milborn and Markus Breitenecker will now be the topic at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival. It is becoming increasingly important to offer viewers, users and digital users the opportunity to access verified information and sound knowledge. Caution is absolutely necessary, because propaganda and disinformation have found a platform in social networks.

Discussion by the following


  • Maxim Katz, Russischer Oppositionspolitiker & Autor
  • Raffaela Schaidreiter, Brüssel Korrespondentin ORF
  • Esther Wojcicki, Pädagogin & Journalistin
  • Anita Zielina, Journalistin School of Journalism at CUNY
  • Esther Wojcicki, Pädagogin & Journalistin
  • Host: Rosa Lyon - ORF