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fast and uncomplicated access to funding

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Financial aid for companies affected by the corona crisis via

The COVID-19 crisis poses enormous challenges, particularly for small and young entrepreneurs. The negative economic effects quickly lead to critical liquidity situations. With CONDA HILFT, the crowdinvesting pioneer CONDA has created a tool to give entrepreneurs fast and uncomplicated access to funding.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to collect money from their immediate surroundings, such as customers, partners, suppliers or neighbours, with a crowd investing campaign on CONDA HILFT. CONDA provides the necessary infrastructure, in a legally secure framework and completely foregoes its own margin.

Entrepreneurs also have the option of arranging interest and repayments as benefits in kind. This gives entrepreneurs quick and easy access to the necessary liquidity and might also boost their further sales.

What does this mean for supporters?

Through CONDA HILFT, every person has the opportunity to financially support domestic companies in this crisis and receives, through an investment using subordinated loans, interest either in cash or in the form of vouchers for the company's products and services. In this way, each individual can do his part to ensure that young and innovative companies, which are extremely important for the Austrian economy, survive the current crisis and ideally also benefit financially from the investment. CONDA hilft