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One million people in Austria take care of people close to them. Clara provides these caring relatives with professional advisors from the fields of nursing, social work and psychology. They help them deal with the challenges of their everyday lives. Clara is currently being promoted by Two Next, Caritas, Diakonie, Hilfswerk, Rotes Kreuz, Volkshilfe, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and IG Pflegende Angehörige. Clara is a project of many for many - become part of Clara.



Christine Fichtinger
Christine Fichtinger is a certified nurse, a teacher for health care and nursing, an expert for nursing allowance classifications and has been active in home help and nursing assistant training for 30 years. In Clara, she brings her expertise and experience in working with family members and counselors especially at the intersection of theory and practice.

Nicole Traxler
Nicole Traxler is a trained business economist, has been active in various roles in the field of social entrepreneurship for more than 10 years, and heads Two Next. Two Next brings forth digital solutions to social problems in close collaboration with the public, social and private sectors, as well as with the affected target groups themselves. Clara is a project of Two Next. In Clara, Nicole brings her long experience in project management.