4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 19.01.2022

Chronically ill - is it your own fault?

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that is very often seen as the fault of the person affected. As a prime example of so-called "lifestyle diseases", type 2 diabetes in particular is always attributed to the unhealthy, "bad" lifestyle of the person affected. All they have to do is to do more sports and eat less - no problem at all - and the disease would disappear. Is it all the sufferer's fault and all their own problems?

The following guests talk about stigmatisation, blame and responsibility:


  • Dr. Petra Fabritz, Specialist in Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Michael Musalek, Psychiatrist
  • Gerald Pichowetz, Actor & Theatre Director
  • Dean Stefan Reuffurth, Moral Theologian & Priest
  • Dr. Thomas Wascher - Head of Diabetes Outpatient Clinic Hanuschkrankenhaus & President of DIÖ
  • Host: Wolfgang Schiefer, ATV