Brave New World of Work

From the change from constraint to opportunity for the future

We are often promised a golden age for employees. The pandemic year has - so they say - accelerated many developments and pushed us into the new world of work. Keywords: digitalization, work from anywhere, trust instead of control, new leadership, sense-making, occupational health with a new status.

4JOBS DAY - April, 30th 2021


Martin Kocher - Bundesminister für Arbeit
Sandra Bascha - Corporate Communications XING
Michael Bartz - Professor IMC FH Krems
Mahdis Gharaei - Co-Founderin & CEO the female factor
Sabine Bothe - CEO HR Magenta
Florian Graßmück - Employer Branding Expert UNIQA

Host: Karin Bauer - Der Standard

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