Episode - Jan 22, 2020

The theme of today's issue of 4Gamechangers TV is Deep Fakes. Where does this new web phenomenon catapult us to?

Episode - Jan 15, 2020

4GamechangersTV reports about the artificial intelligence strategy from the new goverment programm. The goverment wants to push AI research forward in order to become one of the top AI Player. According to Scientists the one thing standing in the way of that is the data. On top we look at Marscat, a catrobot which seems to be the future pet for busy housholds.

Episode - Jan 12, 2020

The future magazine 4GamechangersTV looks in the future and shows how our day to day life will look like in 10 years. 5G, autonomous driving and augmentet reality will be indispensable. It’s all about smartcities. Additional our moderator talks with Georg Hauer, General Manager N26 Austria. On top we present the newest gadgets; the lighthelmet which gets you save and sound AND stylish down the hill. And we look at Modius Sleep which helps you fall asleep faster and improves your sleepquality.

Episode - Dec 15, 2019

It's christmastime and 4GAMECHANGERSTV visits the Alm Adventdorf. On top our Moderator Isabella Richtar has a chat with Hartwig Hufnagl, managing director of ASFINAG. He talks about autonomous driving and the use of drones. Additionally we visit the data economy summit which is organised from Oracle and the 2050 Thinkers Club.

Episode - Dec 8, 2019

The future magazine presents the Austrian Greentecbusiness and why it is booming right now. This time it's all about Superbrands – who had the best Marketing this year and what are their future plans. On top Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker talks about a possible carbon tax. All that and much more in 4GAMECHANGERSTV.

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