30. JUN


#4GAMECHANGERS DAY - Marx Halle Wien


The Power of Cooperation - Die Zukunft der Medienallianzen

The global, increasingly present streaming and platform revolution of the media on the Internet poses challenges for classic media as we know them. The implementation of innovative cooperation ideas within the media order can therefore be a future-oriented, pioneering idea to strengthen the national media location on the one hand, to strengthen the quality competition as well as the journalistic performance of the entire media system and to ultimately stand up to the Internet giants. This not only offers mutual advantages for all participants, but also serves the common good of society. After all, society benefits from numerous, broadly effective contents in the areas of culture, education and good, high-quality entertainment. No sooner said than done, a number of media outlets have eagerly and enthusiastically embarked on this joint "cup" in recent years, but have failed. As in every good relationship, there are always disagreements and sensitivities that ultimately lead to failure. So on June 30, media representatives from different sectors sit on a common stage, think back to times when cooperation between media giants was still unthinkable, and engage in a joint process of coming to terms with the past. Today, they can talk openly about what has been learned from failed cooperations, what were the reasons for the failure and why are they now ready for successful cooperations? What is the goal and where is the journey going? What are Austria's projects and how can the Austrian market cooperate better in the future?